North-West Region - The Major Towns :: Bamenda


Bamenda city is the administrative seat of Mezam Division and Regional Headquarters of the North West and the largest town in the North West Region. It has a surface area of 5,250 kilometers square, a total of seven Sub Divisional Councils and a population of about 800,000 inhabitants. It is a cosmopolitan city which is the bedrock of Cameroon politics with a very strong traditional set up and extremely powerful Fons an Fondoms.The population though cosmopolitan has a greater majority of local ethnic groups which include, BAMENDAKWE, NSONGWA, CHOMBA, MBATTU and NKWEN who practice subsistence farming.

Due to the hardworking nature of the farmers, the town can boast of a rich variety of food crops which include; potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, beans and corn. These food crops are exported to other towns in the South West, Littoral and other regions which are not opportune to produce them.

The works of art of the local population is worth emulating as it projects the North West culture nationally an internationally. The colourfully designed traditional attire worn by both men and women depicts a culture which has stood the test of time. The town is endowed with touristic potentials owing to its landscape characterized by waterfalls, craters and traditional palaces.

Partial view of Bamenda Town from Up-Station

Great changes have been recorded in the town with the advent of the University of Bamenda which hosts the Higher Teachers’ Training College, Higher Technical Teachers’ Training College, Higher Institute of Commerce and Management, College of Technology and The Faculties of Health Sciences and Sciences.

Bamenda has greatly evolved in terms of organization and infrastructure with imposing structures like the CAMCCUL building, ABOHBO building and a host of other modern and beautifully designed infrastructure at the Commercial Avenue. This is the only town which has successfully introduced parking meters to ease congestion on main streets.
Bamenda remains the pride of Cameroon which maintains the position of third ranked city after Yaoundé and Douala.