North-West Region - The Major Towns :: KUMBO


KUMBO(Original name KIMBO'O), located about 110 kms away from Bamenda, is the second largest town in the North West Region after BAMENDA and has a population of over one hundred thousand inhabitants. It is the seat of the NSO Fondom and has a wide diversity of landscapes and spectacular waterfalls.

KUMBO, town of health

MBVE which is the Commercial center of KUMBO harbors the residence of the paramount Fon of Nso who wields a lot of power while Tobin is the administrative seat of the town.
Kumbo is reputed to be excellent in the provision of health care with the existence of renowned hospitals like the St. Elizabeth Hospital SHISONG and the BANSO Baptist Hospital. The St. Elizabeth Hospital has a cardiac center (the only cardiac center in the whole of Central Africa) which has successfully operated a good number of cardiac patients in the country. Both Hospitals have a training school for health personnel.

KUMBO, town of agriculture

Agriculture plays a vital role in the lives of KUMBO inhabitants. Due to the hardworking nature of the people the town can boast of the production of Arabica coffee, beans and Irish potatoes. Irish potatoes from Kumbo(BANSO' Potatoes) are very much sought after in and out of the North West Region due to its palatable nature. These crops are exported to DOUALA, Gabon, the Central African Republic and Equatorial Guinea.

KUMBO, town of tourism

KUMBO is home to many tourist attractions. It is a mountainous area with undulating hills and plateaus, hills, caves, rivers and several waterfalls.

The people engage themselves in various works of art which captures the tradition of the NSO people in particular and the North West in general. The beautiful artistic designs are demonstrated in museums much to the appreciation of tourists and sculptors.

KUMBO, town of catholicism

Kumbo is equally remembered as the first town in the Northwest Region to embrace the catholic faith about a hundred years ago. This resulted in the spread of the catholic faith and the advent of many catholic hospitals and schools which have helped to boost the health and education of the people. Finally, KUMBO is the hometown of the renowned Christian Cardinal TUMI whose village is named KIKAIKILAKI.

Partial view of the town of KUMBO