North-West Region - The Governor

The Governor

Within the North-West Region, the Governor is the Highest functionning Administrative Authority. His specific purposes can be summerise in coordination the activities of the administrative authorities at his disposal(Senior Divisional Officers and Divisional Officers), maintenance and reinforcement of social cohesion, public security, animation of socio cultural and economic life, preservation of individual and public liberties and repercussion of the governmental action on the field in his precinct.

For him to be abble to undertake those assignated mission by the Head of State which he is the Regional representative as well as all the member of the government, the Governor is supported at the level of his services by some administrators(Secretary General, Chief of Cabinet, Heads of Divisions), some Regional Head of Forces of Law and Order(His Etat-Major) at his disposal for use and by some other regional administrative managers (Regional Delegates and Head of Autonomous Services) acting as technical advisor in their various domains.

The North-West Region since it creation as Province in 1972 have already been ruled by almost 15 Governors.

Below is a recapitulative table of all the Governors that have ever ruled within the North-West Region :

List of the Governors that have ruled the North-West :

Name Grade Duration
Gouvernors of Provinces
Guillaume NSEKE S.A.O 06/09/1972 - 14/12/1974
ENOW TANJONG S.A.O 14/12/1974 - 04/10/1976
ABOUEM ATCHOYI S.A.O 04/10/1976 - 31/08/1983
John ANDELA S.A.O 31/08/1983 - 09/03/1984
Alexander MOTANGA S.A.O 09/03/1984 - 24/09/1985
Walson NTUBA S.A.O 24/09/1985 - 13/10/1989
Magloire NGUIAMBA S.A.O 13/10/1989 - 16/04/1991
John EBONG NGOLLE S.A.O 16/04/1991 - 18/09/1992
BELL Luc Réné S.A.O 18/09/1992 - 19/10/1996
FAI YENGO Francis S.A.O 19/10/1996 - 28/07/1998
Adrien KOUAMBO S.A.O 29/03/1977 - 27/03/2003
KOUMPA Issa S.A.O 03/08/1978 - 10/12/2007
ABAKAR AHAMAT S.A.O 10/12/2007 - 05/02/2010
Gouvernors of Region
ABAKAR AHAMAT S.A.O 05/02/2010 - 14/03/2012
LELE LAFRIQUE TCHOFFO DEBEN Adolphe A.O./ S.S Since the 14/03/2012


S.A.O : Senior Administrative Officer

A.O/S.S : Administrative Officer Super Scale