North-West Region - The Governor's Office

Governor's Service

The Governor's Service also called Region are the seat of the institutions at the regional level. Headed by a Governor of Region, the Governor's Service is composed of several Divisions, each of them headed by a Chief of Division whose direct hierarchy is the Secretary General.

Below is the basic structure of the Governor's Service :

  • Governor
    • Cabinet of the Governor(Directly linked to the Governor)
      • Protocol Service
      • Police Service
      • Communication Service
    • Private Secretariat of the Governor(Directly linked to the Governor)
      • Mail Service
    • General Inspectorate
    • General Secretariat
      • Administrative and Legal Affairs Division(ALAD)
      • Economic Social and Cultural Affairs Division(ESCAD)
      • Police and Administrative Organisation Division(PAOD)
      • Regional Development Division(RDD)
      • Financial Affairs and Logistic Service(FALS)(Autonomous Service directly linked to the Governor)